Our house is probably a lot like your house, so welcome to the Rous House – we hope you feel right at home!

More than anything, our desire is to build community by sharing our hearts and lives with the people around us.  We have the complete privilege of living and working in Jordan, in the Middle East, helping in the humanitarian response to the Syrian crisis.  I’m originally from Canada, and Steve hails from the UK.  Humanitarian work is what originally brought us together, and it’s still the passion that keeps us going.


The Purpose of the Rous House Blog:

  1. Stay Connected to Us: We started this blog so that we could share our daily lives with friends and family around the world.  Once a week we try to post a little something inspired by what’s happening in our lives.  So if you want to stay connected, then sign up to follow our blog, and we’ll automatically email you when something new is posted.
  2. Resources for Presentations on the Syrian Refugee Crisis in Jordan:  Every once in a while we get requests to provide some information for childrens’ school projects or church updates about Syrian refugee life in Jordan (or about humanitarian work in general).  To make it easier, we try to provide a few resources for you here to access whenever you need.
    1. For Children/Teachers/Classes:  These resources are specifically for children or classes learning about refugees, life in Jordan, human rights, or humanitarian action.  Hopefully they can be used for completing school projects or doing class presentations.
    2. For Church:  Sometimes churches are interested in focusing on humanitarian action.  These resources are meant to help church groups who are interested in learning more.
  3. Want to have us in to speak, or Skype in, to your class/group/church?  Contact us!:  Every once in a while Steve and I are back in Canada or the UK for a visit.  If you’d be interested in having us come to your church or class for a visit, just let us know.  OR – what about a Skype call?  We’ve called in to classrooms from Jordan before to talk a bit more about humanitarian work here.
  4. How You Can Help (Help Requests):  Sometimes, friends and family want to help, but don’t always know how.  If you’d like to help, check out this page for a few ideas on how you can help.
  5. Resources for Humanitarian Team Building:  Both Steve and I are passionate about building humanitarian teams.  We post resources periodically, inspired by team-building activities we use here in Jordan, so that you can have access to them as well.
  6. Devotionals:  If you’re looking for devotionals to either use with your team or to simply know what we’re learning and thinking about spiritually each week, check these out.


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