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Dead2Red 2015: How to Run 242 km with the Waves of Dread!

Want to know how to run the Dead2Red race, a 242 km relay race through the southern Jordanian deserts, in under 18 hours?

Here’s a video of our team’s run this year, and you can find some prep tips down below:

Dead2Red Waves of dREaD fb from Janna Rous on Vimeo.

Tip 1:  You should probably train a little.  Focus on interval training.  Focus on speed.  And do a long-run every week just to prep your body for the length of time you’ll have to stay physically engaged in the race.

Tip 2:  As long as you’re relatively fit and a decently average semi-sprinter, you’ll be okay.  The bigger battle during the race is the mental fight against sheer exhaustion and pain in your thighs that may remind you of being stabbed.

Tip 3:  Get your running rhythm right.  Decide how you do it…some teams pass the baton to the next runner every so many minutes, some teams pass the baton after a set distance, some teams leave their runners to run through the dark unaccompanied, some teams have a car accompanying their runner at all times.  Whatever your strategy – know it and make sure all your runners are comfortable with it.

Tip 4:  Most important:  have fun.  This is the craziest run of your year, you can bet your bottom dollar on that.  Enjoy it.  You’ll look back on it with fond memories.

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