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Saturday Morning: The Rous House Kitchen

After a week of long hours in the office, often one of the best parts of Saturday morning is getting up while the world still sleeps and working on a delicious treat for Saturday breakfast!

cinnamon bunsThis morning’s treat was cinnamon rolls, warm out of the oven.  Isn’t there something wonderful about the smell, sight, taste of homemade cinnamon buns?  Steve and friends visiting from England were the taste-testers.  (I didn’t actually taste due to my slight aversion to anything too gluten-ful…but I got to eat some of Steve’s delicious homemade granola instead..a fair trade, if you ask me.)

I used to make these  many a weekend when I lived in Sudan (yeast dough is an easy option no matter where you are in the world!)  My opinion:  everyone always goes a little too light on the cinnamon.  Go bold.  Make sure the spicy cinnamon flavor comes out.  Check out the recipe I used here and enjoy your own weekend delight.